Ways to Let Them Know

Before you Send an SMS, email or a letter to your partner

Consider if this is really the best way to contact your partner. Remember, most people like to be told in person. Think whether anyone, apart from your partner, could read the SMS, email or letter. If yes, use an alternative method. You can send a message directly from this site from the choices below.


Please use this service for legitimate purpose and consider implications to the recipient. Under Australian law, the use of a telecommunication service to menace or harass is a criminal offence.

SMS someone

If you have their mobile number you can send an SMS right now.

link to tell someone

Tell someone

Some suggestions and a video on how to talk to your partner.

Send an email

Send an email

You can send an email from here if you have your partners email address.

Write a letter

Write a letter

Old school letter writing works as well right from here