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Tips for talking to your partner:

  • Do it straight away. If you put it off, you might never tell them.
  • Plan what you are going to say. (See the “Sample Conversations” for ideas)
  • Don’t feel you have to provide a lot of information.Take along a Fact Sheet or give them our website or phone numbers to contact.
  • If you are phoning them, ask if you have called at a good time before giving them the news.
  • Avoid phrases like “You’ve given me Chlamydia”. It may make your partner angry and defensive

And remember, most people say that telling their partners was much easier than they thought it would be.

Sample Conversations

Scenario 1
Tania and Mark
(current partners)
[PDF 1.4 MB]
Scenario 2
Mike and Andrea (current partners)
[PDF 1.4 MB]
Scenario 3
Maria and Dino
(past partners)
[PDF 2.1 MB]
Scenario 4
Tony and Sarah
(past partners)
[PDF 1.4 MB]


Vimeo Partner Notification Sample video

This video show how to tell your parther about your STI, "So they can know" is a US website for STI notification




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