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Information for Partners

This section is for people who have been referred to this website by one of their partners.

Your partner has given you this site because you could be at risk of an STI a sexually transmitted infection of which some can easily be treated. See our Fact Sheets for more information.

It is important to get tested because, in most cases, STIs are silent infections. You may need tests forseveral sexually transmitted infections.
To find out more about these other tests go to Check Your Risk.

Any GP (local doctor) can test and treat you for an STI. Just print off the The Letter to your Doctor relavant to your STI and take this to your appointment.

If you live in Victoria you can attend Melbourne Sexual Health Centre at 580 Swanston Street Carlton,phone 03 9341 6200.

If you live in NSW you can call the Sexual Health Infoline on 1800 451 624to speak with a sexual health nurse

If you live in QLD visit the website www.qld.gov.au/health/staying-healthy/sexual-health/saft-sex/

For a list of other clinics in Royal Australian College of physicians that specialize in sexually transmitted infections Click Here


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Telling your partners about an STI

Below you’ll find answers to some of the questions people ask about Chlamydia and contacting their partners.

For Fact Sheets on STIs see STI Fact Sheets on the right.




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